Beata Medynska-Gulij

Head of the Department

room: 321
phone: +48 61 829 6239
e-mail: bmg@amu.edu.pl

2010: Head of Department; 2018: Titular Professor; 2009: Associate professor; 2008: Post-doctoral degree (habilitation), Maria Curie-Sklodowska University in Lublin; 2001: Assistant Professor, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan; 1998: Doctorate, University of Wroclaw; 1990: Master's degree Geography/speciality Cartography, University of Wroclaw

Research subjects: visualisation of topographical and urban space, cartographic design, multimedia cartography, history of cartography, touristic maps

Teaching courses: topography, cartographic design, geomatics, mapping techniques, master seminar, history of cartography and geodesy


  • German-Polish Foundation for Science DPWS/100328 with Ruhr-University-Bochum, 2016-2017, Development of the cultural landscape of german and polish industrial centres, Principal Investigator of Polish Team
  • National Science Centre NCN2013/09/B/HS2/01182, 2014-2017, Visualisation of the topographical space in Europe on manuscript multi-sheets maps from the 18th century, Principal Investigator
  • NCN2013/11/B/HS3/03905, 2014-2017, Preindustrial space of Greater Poland in the 19th Century, Co-Investigator
  • NCN526/145037, 2009-2011, Graphic Design Techniques on Maps from World Atlases 1570-1662, and Their Influence on the Creation of Cartographic Principles, Principal Investigator
  • NCN526/205139, 2010-2011, Information potential of topographic maps Urmesstischbl├Ątter 1822-33 from the area of Graeter Poland, Promoter


  • MEDYNSKA-GULIJ B. 2015, 2017(reprint), Kartografia. Zasady i zastosowania geowizualizacji, PWN Warszawa, 228. (Cartography. Principles and Applications of Geovisualisation - in Polish)
  • MEDYNSKA-GULIJ B. 2011, 2012(reprint), Kartografia i geowizualizacja, PWN Warszawa, 216. (Cartography and Geovisualisation - in Polish)
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  • MEDYNSKA-GULIJ B., 2007, Pragmatyczne podstawy kompilowania kartograficznego, Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, Pozna┼ä, S. 140. (Pragmatic Foundations of Cartographic Compilation, with Summary in English, mit Zussamenfassung in Deutsch)
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  • MEDYNSKA-GULIJ B., 2002, Mapy ksiestw ┼Ťl─ůskich swidnickiego, jaworskiego i legnickiego z drugiej polowy XVII wieku Fryderyka Kh├╝noviusa, Wydawnictwo Gajt, Wroclaw, 138. (Fridericus Khunovius's Maps of Silesian Duchies from the Second Half of the 17th Century - with Summary in English, mit Zussamenfassung in Deutsch)
Papers and others:
  • Wielebski ┼ü., Medy┼äska-Gulij B., 2018, Graphically supported evaluation of mapping techniques used in presenting spatial accessibility, Cartography and Geographic Information Science. doi:10.1080/15230406.2018.147931 (ask authors about PDF)
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In Polish : http://www.kartografia.amu.edu.pl/index.php?go=medynska-gulij

Department of Cartography and Geomatics 2018