Cartography UAM master thesis

Supervisor: Beata Medynska-Gulij


Dominik Winiecki: Database of Topographic Objects as the basis of cartographic visualization in Szamotuly district 3rd place in the 9. Polish Nationwide Competition for Master Theses in Cartography, Geoinformation and Geomatics 2017
Hanna Janc: Interactive visualization of didactic paths in Kuznica Zelichowska
Michal Mastarowicz: Interactive visualisation of boundaries changes of Greater Poland from 1000 to 2015
Karolina Konieczna: Interactive visualization of tourist attractions in the Wielkopolski National Park
Artur Ziolkowski: Base Data of Topographic Objects as a basis for visualization cartographic of economic subject of the municipality Stare Miasto
Jagoda Tomczyk: Cartographic visualization of the changes in the land cover of the left bank of Torun and its surroundings
Jessica Kosciuch: Online presentation tourist objects lakes of Konin district
Anna Gosciniak : Multimedia visualization of the palaces in Jarocin region

Maciej Smaczynski: UAV technology in data acquisition and the visualization of the mass event
1st place in the 8. Polish Nationwide Competition for Master Theses of Cartography and Geoinformation in 2016
Tymoteusz Horbinski: Geovisualization of natural aggregates distribution in the district Gniezno 2005-2015
3rd place in the 8. Polish Nationwide Competition for Master Theses in Cartography and Geoinformation in 2016
Martyna Kwiatkowska: Multimedia visualization of didactic paths in the Rogalin Landscape Park
Paweł Siudziński: Visualization of crime structure within the city of Poznan in 2014
Michał Kolan: Interactive visualization of spatial distribution and structure of firefighting operations in Poznan in 2014
Joanna Pawlaczyk: Web map of Helicopter Emergency Medical Service interventions in Poland in 2014
Aleksandra Przybylska: Visualisation of the projects of the Wielkopolska Regional Operation Programme 2007- 2013 in central country in the Wielkopolska province
Michalina Zacharyasz: Visualization of changes of Hungarian and Polish borders in 1918-1945 and their effects
Zuzanna Orchowska: Multimedia visualization of swimming pools and waterparks at the area of the Agglomeration of Poznan
Piotr Karpiński: Three dimensional visualization of the Faculty of Political Science and Journalism at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan
Agnieszka Cholajda: Three-dimensional visualization of changes in residential of the osiedle Rozany Potok in Poznan in the years 1998 - 2014

Zofia Kokot: Digitalization of register book and cartographic visualization of acquire and sales of cartographic resources from the WODGiK Poznan
Anna Dettlaff: Database of Topographical Objects as a ground of creation the map of tourist attractions city of Puck
Weronika Przybyslawska : Map of economic subjects of Golina city with utilizing Base Data of Topographic Objects
Ewa Nowakowska: General geographic database as basis of thematic visualization in Konin district
Honourable mention in the 7. Polish Nationwide Competition for Master Theses of Cartography and Geoinformation in 2015
Klaudia Gapinska: Visualization of changes in forest area in Forest District Kaczory based on cartographic sources in the years 1935-2000
Honourable mention in the 7. Polish Nationwide Competition for Master Theses of Cartography and Geoinformation in 2015
Michal Dabrowski: Cartographic visualization of the criminal activity in Greater Poland Voivodeship in the years 2004 -2013
Patrycja Dziduch: Interactive thematic map of Deszczno commune using Google Maps API technology
Zofia Murawska: Cartographic visualization of changes in the use of land in Tarnowo Podg├│rne considering investments on the base of cartographic sources
Monika Jakubowska: The interactive visualization of the educational trail "My Little Homeland" in Rokietnica commune

Adrian Kujszczyk: 3D visualization of the historical monastery in Wachock City
Dawid Kaczmarowski: Visualization of terrain model the Commune Mosina for economic investments
Marcin Derewonko: Topographic objects data base as the foundation of thematic visualization in Srem City
Marcin Klecha: Multimedia visualization of the baroque urban space of Rydzyna City in third dimension
2nd place in the 6. Polish Nationwide Competition for Master Theses of Cartography and Geoinformation in 2014, and the Association of Polish Cartographers Award
Kamil Jawgiel: Geovisualisation of odor immision according to professional and VGI datas on the Tarragona (Spain) example in the GIS software
2nd place in the 6. Polish Nationwide Competition for Master Theses of Cartography and Geoinformation in 2014
Marcin Handl: 3D visualization of sacred objects for the trail of wooden churches around the Zielonka Forest
Daniel Musialowski: Adaptation of the Vector Map Level 2 to create thematic maps of Commune Slubice
Dawid Olszewski: Interactive visualization of migration movements in Podlaskie Voivodship in 2010-2012
Mateusz Pikulik: Landuse changes in Dopiewo Commune in 1935-1998
Krzysztof Hausa: Cartographic visualization of the tourist bicycle trail 'Ring around Poznan'
Laura Bakowska: Visualization of changes and structure of organic farming in Greater Poland in 2005-2012
Bartosz Bendowski: Change of use of land in the municipality in Grodzisk Wielkopolski Commune in 1936-2012
Katarzyna Filipczyk: Innteractive cartographic visualization of change in dwelling stock in Greater Poland Voivodeship between 2002-2012
Aleksandra Dwornik: Visualization development of tourism and recreation in Forest District Karczma Borowa for the implementation of Project Baltic Landscape
Malgorzata Jasiewicz: Using the 'Forest Digital Map' to cartographic visualization of forest area changes in the Wielkopolski National Park 1952-2011
Tomasz Wasiak: Cartographic visualisation of acoustic screens on the district Grunwald - Poznan and their influence on the landscape aesthetics
Witold Dolowicz: Inventorying and cartographic visualisation of function and distribution of parking spots on Przyjazni Housing in Poznan, 2008-2012
Andrzej Grudzinski: Visualisation of the educational path 'Miroslawiec the other day and now'

Paulina Pietkiewicz: Multimedia tourist service Central Stretch of Miedzyrzecze Fortigication Region
2nd place in the 11. Minister of Sport and Tourism Competition for theses in the field of touristic in 2013
Pawel Cybulski: Parameters of the dynamic variables in temporal animations of unemployment in Wielkopolska region
2nd place in the 5. Polish Nationwide Competition for Master Theses of Cartography and Geoinformation in 2013
Przemyslaw Bak: Plant objects geodatabase of the Adam Mickiewicz Univerisity Botanic Garden for the purposes of cartographic visualization
Szymon Jankowski: User activity in creating internet service of relics for Mogilno District
Dawid Pyrdal: Searching potential sites of wind turbines using GIS tools on the example of commune Pakosc
Jakub Korput: Visualization of the land relief in the city including buildings and roads on the example of Koszalin city
Jakub Zalewski: Interactive visualization of cancer cases in Wielkopolska region in years 2000 and 2010 (Cancer in Wielkopolska - Visualisation)
Partycja Filusz: Cartographic visualization of the diversity in the origins of Faculty of Geographical and Geological Sciences students at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan
Karol Kedzia: Website of the Poznan Fortress in the Google Maps API technology


Bartosz Bestjan: Geometric generalization in the map making process for mobile devices on the example of the Oborniki Wielkopolskie commune
Cezary Boratynski: Interactive map of changes in traffic conditions in Poznan "Speed zone 30"
Adrian Domin: Public transport service for Gorzow Wielkopolski in the Google Maps API technology
Tomasz Kazmierczak: Interactive spatial information service for services in Borek Wielkopolski Comunne
Mateusz Koltuniak: Use of Topographic Facilities Database to construction of The Study of Spatial Development Conditions of Mosina Commune
Bartosz Mazurek: Visualization of bicycle routes in the Google Maps API technology on the example of Zielonka Forest area
Milosz Myszczuk: Time-space variability of phenomenon of "Volunteered Geographic Information" for Polish territory on the example of panoramio.com
Sylwia Turowska: Cartographic visualization of trails for Slesin commune in the Google Maps API technology
3rd place in competition for theses organized by Marshal of the Greater Poland Voivodeship in 2012
Agnieszka Kr├│l: Map of services sector in information service for Odolan├│w commune in the Google Maps API technology
Martyna Nowakowska: Cartographic presentation of didactic path named "Secrets of old trees" of the Botanical Garden in Poznan
Bartosz Myrda: Cartographic visualization of traffic volume for the road network in Swarzedz Commune
Lukasz Gotowiec: The usefulness of cartographic materials to presentation of landuse changes in Czerwonak Commune
Dominika Groblewska: The usefulness of cartographic materials to making map of degradation susceptibility of the natural environment on the example of Pakosc Commune
Magdalena Szczepaniak: Touristic potential of communes in the border of Poznan and Szamotuly Districts
Justyna Trzmiel: "Get to know Kolo in two wheels" - project of tourist product
Dorian Tch├│rz: Multimedia presentation of touristic potential of the Lipiany commune in the Google Maps API technology
Kamil Zamojc: Multimedia presentation of spa space on the example of Kolobrzeg in the Google Maps API technology
Adrian Gorczyca: Examples of the Slowinski National Park tourist offer enrichment
Mateusz Swiderski: Three-level visualization of caves trail in the Krak├│w-Czestochowa Upland (Polish Jurassic Highland)
Aleksandra Paruzel: Map of tourism accessibility for physically disabled persons on the example of Karpacz

Radoslaw Borak: Using Google Maps to develop "Tourist map of Lomza Landscape Park of the Narew River Valley"
Michal Drozdz: Location of the telecommunication network in protected areas within the project "Broadband Internet network of Eastern Poland"
Artur Jagiello: Crime map of Poznan City based on a Municipal Police Headquarters database for the year 2007
Maciej Jader: Database of Pobiedziska commune including forms of nature protection, transport infrastracture and built-up areas and its Internet visualization
Edyta Lasiewicz: Three-dimensional animation of unemployment data in Greater Poland Voivodeship 2005-2010
Marcin Lis: Geovisualization of young glacial forms in The National Park of Wielkopolska on the basis of Digital Elevation Model (DEM)
Jaroslaw Rostkowski: Environmental changes in area of the Fortified Arc Odra and Warta 1931-2005
Katarzyna Rybakowicz: The use of vector and raster data models for small storage reservoirs' site selection in Srem County
Rafal Smyk: Three dimensional statistical surfaces as a method of demographic data visualization the example of Greater Poland
Tomasz Szczepanek: Geovisualization of city buildings according to CityGML on example of 'Virtual Mosina' in Google Earth
2nd place in competition for theses organized by Marshal of the Greater Poland Voivodeship in 2011
Lukasz Wielebski: Time accessibility of Rokietnica Commune's road network for activities of Volunteer Fire Departments using network data model
2nd place in the 3. Polish Nationwide Competition for theses of Cartography and Geoinformation in 2011

Lukasz Halik: Multimedial visualization of objects in Google Maps API on the example of "The Map of Historical Monuments in Poznan county" (Mapa Zabytk├│w Powiatu Poznanskiego)
- First place in competition for theses organized by Marshal of the Greater Poland Voivodeship in 2010
Maciej Kozlowski: Poster map of municipality Rogozno as part of tourist promotion
Marek Pasierbek: Sozological map of the city Lubon in scale 1:10 000
Aleksander Plewa: Creation and functionality of the database of changes in land use decisions of Komorniki commune
Zofia Sarnowska: Cartographical presentation of agritouristic product on the example of interactive map of Poznan County (Gospodarstwa Agroturystycze Powiatu Poznanskiego)
- Second place in competition for theses organized by Marshal of the Greater Poland Voivodeship in 2010
Pawel Witek: Managment of spatial data about urbanisation threats in Puszcza Zielonka Scene Park
Alicja Wlodarz: Use of Land Information System to build database for features in Botanical Garden in Przelewice
2nd place in 2. Polish Nationwide Competition for Master Theses of Cartography and Geoinformation in 2010
Jakub Wrzosowski: Geovisualization of granitic tors and climbing area in the Rudawy Janowickie Mountains

David Pyrdal: Map concept of potential locations for wind turbines
3rd place in 1. Polish Nationwide Competition for Master Theses of Cartography in 2010
Olga Adach: Interactive map of ski stations in polish Sudetes Mountains for Interent users
Anna Bachorz: Stocktaking of municipal landfills of Poznan District
Jaroslaw Lewandowski: Changes in range of forest communities in Konin Forest Division based on cartographic sources
Karolina Postaremczak: Promotion of urban space on the map "EURO 2012 - Poznan for Supporter"
Maciej Sobczyk: The cartographic methods of presenting the relationship between time and space on the example of the public transport of the bus station Poznan Srodka
Agnieszka Struk: Suitability of spatial data to determine lakes susceptibility on degradation on the example of selected lakes in Puszcza Zielonka
Lukasz Krawczak: Data description of the Voivodeship Geodesic and Cartographic Documentation Center in Poznan in the aspect of usability criteria
Tomasz Struk: Project of Spatial Information System for Mosina community

Dagmara Gregorowicz: Presentation of touristic resources and values on the example of touristic map of the Janowiec community
Bartosz Kaczmarek: Lake data in Geographic Information Systems on the example selected water Areas of the Poznan District
Jacek Wawrzyniak: Data base of natural environment susceptibility to degradation for Koscian administrative unit
Piotr Sobanski: The nature-tourist map of Szczawno-Zdr├│j

Piotr Franczuk: Selected determinants of the natural occurrence of oaks in Rogali_ski Landscape Park
Tomasz Grzelka: Tactile map of nature protection in Greater Poland
Marcin Kankanista: Spatial data about pedosphere of Wielkopolski National Park
Ewelina Krawczak: Urban space in tyflocartography on the example of Poznan
Krzysztof Kusnierek: Cartographic presentation of nature conservation with the use of dynamic Web mapping on 'The nature conservation map of Wielkopolska'
1st place in competition for theses organized by Provincial Governor of Grater Poland Voivodeship in 2007
Krzysztof Maciejewski: Tourist space on the example of the Internet map of the Pozna_ administrative district
Agnieszka Selwa: Characteristics of selected features of forests in Promno Landscape Park based on cartographic sources

Department of Cartography and Geomatics 2018