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Zaklad Kartografii i Geomatyki
Instytut Geografii Fizycznej i KSP
Uniwersytet im. Adama Mickiewicza
Ul. B. Krygowskiego 10
61-680 Poznan, Poland

Welcome to the Department of Cartography and Geomatics

The Department of Cartography and Geomatics was founded on February 1, 2010. Its work involves conducting research in cartography, geomatics, topography, and geodesy, as well as teaching classes in those fields. The department coordinates the engineering course Geodesy and Cartography as well as the specialisation Cartography and Remote Sensing within the framework of the Master's course in Geography.
In the department, we pursue several research directions. Continuing the earlier work of the Poznan centre, we have taken up the subject of the cartographic research method in natural environment management. We are also focusing on the geomatic foundations of spatial data acquisition and management, and developing the geomatic research method through the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).
Yet another subject addressed in the department is that of cartographic visualisation and geovisualisation of spatial accessibility and spatial behaviours. This involves conducting studies with map/visualisation users, which are aimed at evaluating the efficiency and effectiveness of various graphical and technological solutions used. Research on those topics extends to animated, mobile, and multimedia cartography, covering systems such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). In the field of Internet cartography, our research work is focused on the effective responsive web design (RWD) and graphical user interfaces (GUI).
We also deal with the history of cartography, fathoming the issue of how cartographic principles were created, and analysing the potential of old maps for studying the natural environment. Interdisciplinary studies conducted in our department include the following projects: visualisation of pre-industrial topographical space in the 19th century (economic history), European topography on manuscript multi-sheet maps from the 18th century (history of art), multimedia Internet service of industrial centre development from 1820 onwards (cultural landscape).

Beata Medynska-Gulij with Team

Department of Cartography and Geomatics 2018